A Boston birthday bash 

July 21st marked my 25th birthday. It also marked my 12th radiation treatment andto my dismay, the day my hair would evidently begin to fall out. My brother lance came to Boston to visit us during my birthday week. I woke up, showered, and rushed over to the hospital for treatment like I do every week day. Paul usually walks me to every appointment and waits for me until I’m done. This time he told me lance would take me. I thought this was a good idea since he deserves a break (and we all know how important Pokemon GO is these days). After my treatment, I came out to the waiting room but couldn’t find my brother or Paul anywhere. Until I turned the corner to see a huge display of decorations, cupcakes, and coffee in the waiting room. I was slightly embarrassed but more grateful that they made such an effort to show me love. Nothing like “special treatment” on your birthday. 

Thank you to everyone who reached out to send me birthday wishes. It made my day! 

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