With Bells On

So far, I have completed 19/30 proton radiation treatments. They have been going relatively well, with a little bit of nausea and loss of appetite. Below is a picture of my “spaceship” for the summer. My treatments take only about an hour, where they spend most of the time lining me up so that the radiation beams enter the correct placement. My only job is to lay still and not move for the duration of the hour. The team that works with me plays music during the treatment, where Paul often asks them to play Justin Bieber much to my embarrassment. I also have been doing a dose of chemo every week on Tuesdays. Once I return to Winnipeg I will likely have to do 6 more months of chemo (once a month). But for now I continue on in this Boston adventure.

2016-07-06 12.42.28

On my last radiation treatment, I get to ring this bell. I am very excited for this day and can hardly wait. It will be very surreal once this chapter is closed. And with that another one will open!


2016-07-06 12.18.50

9 thoughts on “With Bells On

  1. I believe I will be able to hear that bell ringing all the way out here in Manitoba!! Do you check your spaceship for Martians before you climb in???


  2. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to celebrating the bell ring. You should get Duke to do a Facebook live or something like that so we can all cheer you on 🙂


    • We’re are so happy you’re doing well! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family !!! Love Simon and Rosie


  3. Hi Courtney, first time Now I saw this blog if yours. I basically read all the posts. It’s on one hand very interesting but in a sad situation. From what I can read you are on the better side of it at the moment and the light of the tunnel appears brighter every day! I saw your wedding video – that was impressive and a very nice speech the person had who let you kiss your husband shortly after he finished. My mom is also sick in some very rare blood cancer. (Not leukemia). Must be nice to have the appartment full of family and loved ones so close. And next summer when you’ll be walking and showing your husband the Swiss alps I will come and join:)



  4. Ahhh! I love the bell. You gotta ring it so hard that the whole hospital will hear it and have a dance party. Can’t wait till your home! Love you court ❤️


  5. Bell ringing a great way to celebrate, like others I am sure we will hear it in Manitoba, and in our hearts we will know!


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