Meet Ruby

This is Ruby, the newest addition to our family. At 3 pounds, she is so sweet and has the best personality. We have wanted another dog for a while now and on my birthday, we took an uber to visit a yorkie breeder in Beverly, just outside of Boston. We fell in love with the little runt and decided we would get her. The apartment has been full but we love having her spunky self hopping around. Paul brings her to a lot of my appointments at the hospital and we share her cuddles with the staff and other patients.
Today marks one more week until we are home! It also marks one more week of Ruby being an only fur baby until she realizes she has a sister named Phara, a border collie who also doesn’t know there is a new addition to her family. Here is to hoping for a smooth and successful transition for us all next week!

I am also entering the last few days of my treatment and the side effects continue to be only minor, some fatigue and nausea but all manageable. Thank you to everyone who has continued to reach out and check on me. I can hear the bell ringing already! 

6 thoughts on “Meet Ruby

  1. Dear Courtney and Paul, counting down the days till you are done and continuing the prayers. I too will ring a bell for you on Aug. 19th


  2. She is absolutely adorable!
    Can’t wait for you guys to be home!
    Hope your last week in Boston is great. Love you guys! ❤ miss you.


  3. Courtney and Paul, Leander, Angie , lance Heidi, husband and baby.
    Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us all , so we can lift you high in healing prayer.
    There is quite a connection in our lives , even tho you don’t know me.
    Met your mom and dad in the early 90’s. They visited our house on lake park , and I was at your place in wpg – white woods. Lance even got himself locked in our bathroom one time during a visit. Got him out with a bobby pin. Our lives went different directions, but met from time to time as we went to springs church. I’m a good friend of Ginny Taylor and watched Joel, Corey and Troy grow up. Also good friends with the betts family , and we were at bob and Karen chabots wedding. Would have been at Joel and Jessica’s wedding, but were in our place in Arizona at the time..
    All this t o say that I see you more than a mere acquaintance, but a special kings kid, and go into my prayer closet for warfare praying. I believe that God can do what He says He can do, and that in the name of Jesus healing is yours. Your journey is and will be a great testimony to that. The Lord is impressing on me for your family to pray in a circle holding hands with each other. Much love to you and Paul and to your wonderful family. Barb Patmore


  4. Get better soon. Ruby is lovely. I remember when you drive Howie and I to the condo in Wakaloia and we kinda got lost. Could never have dreamt all this would happen. We wish you much healing and pray for your full and healthy recovery.
    All the very best.
    Mary and Howie McGregor


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