MRI Round 2


March 10, 2015 will always be special to me, as it was the day Paul proposed to me in Hawaii. Two years later March 10, 2017 we found ourselves at CancerCare waiting for my recent MRI results. My MRI’s are currently every 3 months and this is the second one I’ve had since treatment. I walked into the office with Paul’s arm in mine. The doctors and nurses instantly were beaming from ear to ear. They could not believe I was without the wheelchair that I normally commute in at the hospital. They marvelled at this progress and said it made their day. We sat down with our oncologist and he delivered us the best news, no sign of any cancer or abnormalities in the brain or spine! I am 10 months cancer free and my heart is full of gratitude, hope, and expectation.

The neuropathy is still in my feet but I have noticed subtle improvements in the last little while. I am not able to walk on my own quite yet, but I am relying less and less on any assistance. In the words of Joyce Meyer, “I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be!”. Paul has returned to work since January and I spend my days with my two pups and whoever is checking on me for the day. I am happy to see the cold weather leaving, the snow and ice made me feel cooped up for far too long. I welcome the sunshine with open arms.

Thank you to everyone who continues to pray and believe with me. It has meant the world.

Mark 11:24

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

13 thoughts on “MRI Round 2

  1. Beautifully said, Courtney, and “thanks be to God” for your current health & continued healing. You do not know me (Paul’s aunt), however, I continue to hold you in my prayers.

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  2. That is such a lovely picture of the two of you. We certainly continue to praise God for those amazing MRI results and continue to pray for healing of the neuropathy in your feet.

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  3. I so look forward to reading your blog and seeing how well your doing, puts a smile on my face every time, thank you for that!
    What great news to read that your 10 months cancer free, that is amazing !! Continue your fight Courtney and one day I look forward to working with you again and your new outlook on life. Take care and be well, cheers!

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  4. Even though we have never met ( I know your mom, dad, and have met your sister) you have touched me with your beautiful writing and I am so happy to read this latest update that I just felt the need to tell you how happy I am for you!


  5. I am so glad to hear of your progress. Your beautiful writing in an inspiration. Howie and I were in Hawaii when you got engaged and at the home your Dad rented for dinner. You drove us back to our condo. I pray for your recovery and health.


  6. HiQueen C, so happy you are doing so well. You look so healthy, and glowing in your new pic. You are a trooper, and God is so Faithful.
    This blog is such an encouragement to others, and you have an obvious talent for writing. Thanks for taking the time to update us all.

    Hi to your wonderful parents, and am praying all the neuropathy will be totally gone from those blessed feet. Love in Christ Courtenay, Barb Patmore


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