My Hallelujah Post

Last week I had my first scheduled 3 month MRI. I have had a number of MRIs before and after surgery/treatment so far but this was the first MRI I have had over an extended amount of time without any intervention (I.e. chemo or radiation). We received the results on Friday and I’m happy to report that the MRI came back clear – no evidence of any disease or abnormalities in the brain or spine! I know this is the first of 4 MRIs this year as they continue to watch me closely, but it is a moment of victory as I continue this journey.

The peripheral neuropathy has completely left my hands. It still however, remains in my feet, which throws me off balance since half my foot feels numb. A couple weeks ago I was able to wiggle my toes for the first time in 2 months. I am very thankful for this progress and I’m excited to see more!

A clear MRI and a pair of wiggly toes is one of the best gifts I could ask for this Christmas. But the real gift has already been given December 25th, over 2000 years ago – “a saviour has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord”. (Luke 2:11) My hope is fully anchored in the one who came and gave his life so I could have life and have it in abundance! (John 10:10)

Again, thank you to all friends, family, and acquaintances who have reached out to me, you can bet I have seen your post and I have been encouraged by it. I also wanted to give a special shout out to all of my coworkers at National Bank Financial – I think of you all often and I am touched by all of your thoughts and support. Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year! 

9 thoughts on “My Hallelujah Post

  1. Dearest Courtney & Paul, This news is such an amazing Christmas gift for you and your families & for the rest of us who love you too! And thanks so much for sharing your joy in your “Hallelujah Post.”– I love that title & the overall grace & beauty of your writing. — Surely, you will be hearing the angels singing songs of great joy & peace on earth, goodwill with new ears & a kind of personal connection, you won’t have felt before. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo of Paul & you as well (I think you look like actress Audrey Hepburn with your lovely eyes & that hairstyle–though she’s not from your era you may have seen a Golden Oldie, My Fair Lady, in which she stars). Also, thanks to Lynnette for sharing your blog so I could read it before we leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit son Rob & family.Love & best wishes for Christmas & the New Year. May all the MRIs result in Hallelujah posts! Love Auntie Leona & Uncle Peter.


  2. A heart felt Resounding HALLELUJAH !
    What A Gloriously Beautiful Blog.
    You are my first Cousins and I am so Honored that we are related not only by blood But In Faith in Christ Jesus our Savior King.
    And Through His shed Blood we are also related in The Spirit and one day We shall all Resound in a Never Ending Hallelujah Chorus with all of Heaven.
    How Great is our God Oh sing with me how Great is our God and ALL will see how Great How Great is our God.


  3. This is just so great. I am happy for you – “happy” is actually a very weak word in times like these! I continue to pray blessings and healing for you and your family! I pray that you will continue to improve every day and that you can feel God’s love and presence (presents? Lol) this Christmas season. Have a very wonderful Christmas with family and friends 🎄


  4. Dear Paul & Courtney, Praise the Lord for the clear results of your MRI. It is truly a gift from God. The smiling faces of you and Paul is so wonderful to see and it is such a beautiful picture of the two of you. We will continue to pray that the feeling will return to your feet. Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas. Love Fran & Ron


  5. Dear Courtney & Paul….we have not met you Courtney but thanks for blog and I feel your hearts for God and as I write I hear the Hallelujah to the Lamb….and praise God…for His Faithfulness for every day!
    Merry Christmas to you both and a most wonderful 1st Anniversary!


  6. Amazing news Courtney!! Best Christmas present ever. Hope you had a great Christmas with your family and spoiled that little nephew! Can’t wait to see you in the New Year.
    P.S. The Bachelor starts on Monday 😉


  7. Dear Courtney,
    We became IG friends almost overnight and I am just so blessed! You are truly filled with all of God’s glory and faith, routed and filled with the Holy Spirit!
    We are fighters for the kingdom and through our faith in Christ and what He has already done (in us) more people will come to know Jesus!
    I adore you my new friend in Christ!
    Lots if love 😘


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