Home sweet home

On Thursday, August 18th, we frantically packed up the apartment hoping to get everything ready for our noon flight. I glanced at my phone and saw a text from my sister that read “you might be an Aunty today!” Between two flights from Boston to Winnipeg my family and I were in knots about how my sister was doing and what was going on. 

The week leading up to my surgery back in May, Heidi and Eric had an ultrasound and asked the nurse to write down the gender of the baby in a sealed envelope. Heidi and Eric refused to look inside the envelope, but instead, handed it to me when they got home. They told me they knew the next couple months might be tough for me but that it would be better knowing if I had a niece or a nephew to look forward to come August. Sure enough I opened it and it was blue…tough part would be keeping it to myself for so long (mostly successful with only one slip up! Ha Ha)

We landed In Winnipeg at 6:30 PM and were greeted by my in-laws. They drove us over to our house where they had not only painted our entire upstairs but did so much more than we could ask for. Several family members and friends had put in work and we even got new bathrooms and Paul got his office fixed up! At this point, we still had not heard any updates about my sister. Once everyone had left our house we got a call telling us the baby was here and ready to meet us. At 9:30 pm August 18th, Henry Sawatzky was born. Little Henry was so gracious in is his arrival, not only were we able to spend time with my husbands family who we missed so much, but we were able to be with Henry on the first day of his life and celebrate with him. God’s timing is impeccable. Welcome Henry, I have been waiting for your arrival for a long time. 

4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

    • Congratulations Aunt Courtney and Uncle Paul. What a wonderful story. Little Henry will bring you much love and joy. You’ll see him growing up. Enjoy the days, months and years to come.

      We trust that you are feeling well.

      Keep in touch. Love to hear from you.


  1. And he is just a gorgeous baby! And a super nice welcome home – both from him and your in-laws with their “surprise” for you – your “new” house.


  2. Congratulations all of you on the new addition to your family! He is a blessed little boy to have you all in his life. So happy to hear you were able to make it home in time to see him. Hope you are doing okay and getting lots of rest when you need it. Thanks for the updates, watching the father-daughter dance again was great, you guys did so well!! Take care and hugs to you all.
    Judy, Brooklyn and Brendan


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